Center for Social Work Pirot in cooperation with project partner Center for Development Initiative and Support “Novitas” is 17/05/2019. conducted training for 11 students, young people from 17 to 35 years old. During the training, participants gained basic business knowledge. The training was held at the premises of the Pirot Center for Social Work – at the YES Young Entrepreneurs Space Center for Young Entrepreneurs. The participants of this training were given the opportunity to be in the roles of employer and employee through modern technologies and  practical work. Satisfied users were also introduced during the training to the existence of this site, where you can find a lot of information about the completed project, as well as a guide for establishment  a company.

Within the Center for Young Entrepreneurs – YES – Young Entrepreneurs Space, a free training for young people was held ON 10.09.2019. Twelve trainees participated in work shop The Virtual Enterprises project was realized in the period from 13.12.2016 to 12.12.2017. years. After the completion of the project, the Center for Social Work and project partners continued to carry out a series of trainings and individual consultations which contributed to the development of youth entrepreneurial skills, thus contributing to the positive business policy of the local community. The trainings are also planned for the following periods, when special attention will be paid to young people from vulnerable categories – users of the social work center service , depending on the needs of the beneficiaries themselves.

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