The main objective of this project is to offer young people aged 25 to 35 practical knowledge, skills and business skills. Young people are encouraged to actively seek employment with the ePRVA-300x201mployer as well asto realize their potential entrepreneurial ideas.

The process of finding a job with an employer is a subjective activity, which the participants will be taught through several levels: from information on available jobs, and establishing contact, through learning the ways of applying for a job, the ways of self-promotion, in order to get a chance for an interview with an employer, to starting their own business. This course will give them theoretical and practical training how to start and develop an idea, test its appropriateness, feasibility and profitability, study the subjective, objective and limiting factors and start their own company.

Through simulation of the actual business environment, young people from Bulgaria and Serbia will have the opportunity to gain practical business skills and experience, to exchange knowledge, to connect and learn from each other.

The acquisition of practical knowledge and experience in the real business environment will give support to entrepreneurship and employment, raise the quality of the work force in the border region, reduce the brain drain which will influence the regional economies and make them more competitive. This will strengthen the region and reduce economic disparities in the border region between Serbia and Bulgaria.

The target group: 

  • Young people living in the municipalities of Pirot and Montana
  • Female population in the municipalities of Pirot and Montana
  • Unemployed young people under 35 in the municipalities of Pirot and Montana
  • Employees of local authorities in the municipalities of Pirot and Montana